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FyiArizonaSM is an Arizona website promotion and Internet marketing resource. We offer a website advertising service for Arizona businesses for:

  • Free Arizona Internet Marketing
  • Free Arizona Website Promotion

Arizona businesses and organizations may add their website link for free advertising to promote and market to Arizona Internet users.

Arizona Information Website

FyiArizonaSM is also a Arizona information website providing consumer resources on a wide variety of services. We will continue to expand information on Arizona as we grow. Some of the valuable resources we are working on are:

FyiArizonaSM is designed for the needs of organizations and consumers.

Benefits of the Arizona Web Site Directory for Organizations

Internet marketing and web site promotion have become increasingly difficult, and expensive. You can pay professionals to "optimize" your web site for higher rankings, or you can sign up for "pay-per-click" ads and bid for a good spot, but these can be quite expensive and may yield little in the way of sales. Small businesses are the backbone of Arizona's economy and the vast majority of small business web sites don't receive a favorable ranking in Google or Yahoo. FyiArizonaSM is not a replacement for other Internet marketing and web site promotion; we are an additional and low-cost way for Arizona businesses and organizations to get exposure on the Internet.

In addition to a guaranteed listing, FyiArizonaSM is offering high-profile text and banner ads for additional website promotion and marketing exposure, and businesses will soon be able to create and upload online coupons. Online coupons is a multi-billion dollar business and an excellent way to attract and retain customers.

Created to be much more than simply a website directory of businesses, FyiArizonaSM is a muti-faceted resource of services and information on Arizona that will draw high Internet traffic. Many will want to make FyiArizonaSM their home page, consequently keeping Arizona websites in the minds and at the fingertips of Arizona consumers.

Website Advertising for Arizona Businesses

Charter Members may purchase website advertising through text ads and banner ads on FyiArizona. Advertisements rotate randomly and link to your website. All text and banner ads are from FyiArizonaSM members only. There are no ads from outside resources. Our objective is to keep FyiArizonaSM targeted to member's ads in a simple, attractive format that isn't polluted with dozens of annoying flashing ads ad one time.

All of FyiArizonaSM Internet directory services are low-priced so that all businesses, and even non-profits and clubs can participate and receive guaranteed exposure to Arizona consumers.

Drawings for Free Print or Radio Advertising

Charter Members will automatically participate in exclusive drawings for free advertising for their business. The winners will decide what form(s) of advertising they want and gift certificates will be issued to the vendor(s) of choice. The vendors must be Arizona domiciled businesses. The amounts are to be determined, but we expect there will be approximately 10 drawings worth $1,000 each. The drawings will begin after FyiArizonaSM has reached a pre-determined number of memberships.

Website Design for FyiArizona Members

FyiArizonaSM will develop a basic three-page semi-custom website, host it on our server, and include a membership in the directory for a one-time fee of $399 including a lising in FyiArizonaSM. Prices are subject to change at any time.

If you would like a more customized website with your own domain name, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Benefits of the Arizona Web Site Directory for Consumers

Many Internet users are also frustrated with online searches. A simple search to find a local business often yields pages of irrelevant results. The Internet search engines have proven to be extremely valuable for researching facts and technical data, but they are still inadequate for locating small businesses, clubs and other orgnizations. Competition is fierce for the coveted "top 10" listings, many of which are duplications or links that send the user astray to numerous other links.

FyiArizonaSM will never be or is it our focus to do what search engines do extremely well - which is nationwide or worldwide research. Our focus is local. We view FyiArizonaSM as more of a "search directory".

FyiArizonaSM includes only Arizona organizations and resources. The inclusion cost is very small so that all businesses, organizations, and even clubs can participate. This makes a valuable consumer resource and one that will prove to be more valuable year after year.

The FyiArizonaSM portal offers a way for Arizona consumers to locate Arizona-only businesses, resources and local information easily and consistently.

Additional Arizona Internet Services

We want users to make their home page, so we're making it useful, attractive and fast loading. Additonal services available are:

  • FyiShowtimeSM movie listings at lightning speed
  • FyiRemindMeSM business or personal email reminder service
  • FyiCouponsSM online coupons for Arizona businesses (future upgrade)
  • Arizona and national news
  • Detailed local weather and forecasting by zip code
  • Information on lowest gas prices by zip code

During our initial growth phase, is offering Charter Memberships for inclusion in the directory. Current prices are subject to change. Charter memberships will not be offered on a permanent basis.

Current Membership Rates

Take advantage of the low prices to advertise your business.  Prices are subject to change at any time.

Charter Membership Listing

$9.00 (one-time fee)

Premium Listing

Top of your category and a Random Text Ad  on all pages of the directory.

1 Year

Add $19.00

Additional Listings

$5 each

Graphic Banner Ad at the Top of FyiColorado Pages

$29 (3 MO), $49 (6 MO), or $99 (1 Year)

All websites are reviewed but not all websites are accepted into FyiColoradoSM.

Arizona website promotion and Arizona information website provides business marketing and advertising and information on Arizona.

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